The residents of San Juan Capistrano are passionate supporters of open space. It is a vital element that makes this city one of the most beautiful and unique in Orange County. To prove their commitment, voters approved two ballot measures in 2008 that not only protect open space, but also allows the city to use bonds to purchase local open space that would have been sold for development. This property is then held for public use.

While the city has acquired hundreds of acres of open space over the past several years, in many cases it often does not have the financial resources to fund improvements to make these open spaces accessible to the public. In this tight economy, the city is often unable to provide amenities - such as trash cans, fencing, parking, hitching posts, and restrooms – or even clear brush to make the areas safe for public use. As a result, these open space lands often lay unused and neglected for years.

To address this need, a group of local volunteers took the initiative to establish the San Juan Capistrano Open Space Foundation in January 2009. Its mission – to make the city's open space lands accessible and usable for all. Many of the board members served on the city's ad hoc Open Space Committee and have vast knowledge and experience in open space preservation. The Foundation is completely volunteer-run and 100 percent of donations go directly toward open space improvements. Volunteers do it all – from clearing invasive weeds and building fences to handling administrative duties and paperwork.

Please help us keep these exciting projects moving forward! The Foundation is a grassroots organization and we rely completely on volunteer help and donations to reach our goals. We invite you to explore our website and learn about the many ways you can get involved.